Outdoor Kitchen – Dream Comes True

People always want to enjoy outdoor activities at weekends, when they can spend the whole day chilling with their family and friends and enjoy some fresh, tasty grilling dishes. Today, with the growing trend of outdoor kitchen, it would not be a surprise anymore if you can actually own a good outdoor kitchen within a reasonable budget.

Outdoor kitchen

Outdoor living space designs are quite different from the things you plan for interior designs since the factors are not the same. You will have to take care of several problems if you want to build an outdoor kitchen yourself. But don’t worry, it might not be easy, but not an impossible task either. That’s why you should read this article since some essential tips will be revealed for a good setup of kitchen for outdoor occasions such as grilling weekends or pool parties. Either it is a high – class kitchen with lots of appliances or just something within your reach with simple settings; you still have to take a look at these important criteria:

Location For The Kitchen

Of course your kitchen would be within your yard and near your house so it would be easy for you and your relatives to have small celebrations off and on, but have you ever thought about other things such as the size, the ground or the wall? Well, thinking and doing some adjustments about that would be quite a pain in the back. However, the location of the kitchen is very important so don’t do it carelessly.

You should do some investigations about the ground, the soil of your yard so you will know whether the ground is firm enough to set things up or not. If not, which kind of reconstruction you will need. One of the most common problems with the ground is that it is sloppy and/or uneven. If so, can you afford for a soil removal or should you change the locations a little bit further to avoid that area? That’s what you need to take into consideration.

DIY outdoor kitchen

In addition, you should take care of the problem with the energy sources as well. You can’t cook without the water, electric and heat, so the best thing you should do is make sure you can give a good source of those energy before thinking of other factors such as materials, equipment and maintenance.

Build The Kitchen

This might be tricky because many of the material you have used for your house can be used for your outdoor kitchen. The best choice would be the materials that are good for long – term usage under changeable weather and need little maintenance. You might want to have a little design for the temperature control in the kitchen as well because cooking outside relies heavily on the temperature and the current weather.

Water resistance is the biggest problem when selecting the materials. Some materials are cheap and can withstand strong forces such as heavy rain or wind, but they are not water proof. That’s not good at all because water is the worst enemy of things that are outside for years. Choose them wisely since you only have one chance to build your kitchen.

Kitchen Appliances

Now we are going to one of the most challenging part of kitchen settings. Most of the time you will make use of your outdoor kitchen to do BBQ and parties with grilled foods, so the first and foremost kitchen appliance you have to think of is the grill. Talking about this type of cooking method, grilling is the way you put the ingredients on heat to burn it both inside and outside. So the fuel should be good enough to create the flavor and tenderness of the cuisines. Here are some suggestions:

  • Charcoal grill: this traditional way of grilling is still good for some reasons. You don’t need to care much about the cost since the coal is quite cheap, you can add smoky flavor on your recipes fairly easy and the installment is quite simple. But you would not be able to grill good since the heat can’t be controlled perfectly and sometimes preparing the precise amount of fuel is impossible.
  • Propane grill: though propane grill can’t create smoky flavor like using charcoal, it’s still a good choice for this position. You can easily increase or decrease the heat based on the type of ingredient you are using. Nevertheless, propane grill models are quite compact and handy. In fact, the best propane grill can even enhance your grilling skills to a whole new level because of some tips and tricks that can only be done with this type of kitchen appliance.

Outdoor propane grill

After choosing the proper product, it’s time to purchase other additional but not less important kitchen tools such as the cabinets, the oven for outdoor baking… most of them are quite cheap if you can buy used products. You should look for products that are designed for outdoor purposes such as picnics and trips. Make sure your kitchen would not be too narrow after you put all those equipment inside.

Kitchen appliances are likely to be broken faster when using outdoor so make sure that you can schedule maintenance regularly for not only the kitchen tools but also the kitchen structure.

Put Your Kitchen Into Action

Now you have done with all the kitchen settings. All you need to do now is throw a party and make sure everything is good in functioning. There might be some problems, but that would not be a sad thing to think of. The thing is you have completed a goal in your life – an outdoor kitchen.

For several initial operations, there would be some flaws with the electricity, the water or even the grill, so always keep a plan B and predict those problems for a good solution. You are not perfect, and so does your DIY outdoor kitchen, but you have to know how to fix it yourself. Hope you can have a good time with your family in summer with your outdoor parties using outdoor kitchen.

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