In What Ways to Spruce up Your Rental Kitchen

Rental kitchen

Do you feel drab when looking at your cooking space? It makes you want to miss it and head straight for your menu, doesn’t it? So, it’s high time to change your kitchen. Don’t worry! Everything is simpler than you thought. Let’s follow the tricks below. It makes sure that your kitchen will look different without wasting your budget. Let’s see!

Change Your Kitchen into a Nicer Space than Ever

#1 – Paint

According to what Sam Allen – an interior designer shared, the kitchen is considered as a key part of your home. It is also a room that you utilize the most. Correspondingly, a coat of paint is fresh. If you don’t have the crazy thoughts, the majority of the landlords will agree with your painting plan – the most is you will paint as before when you leave. Once you get the consent of the landlord and have intended to live for a long period of time, you are able to upgrade both the space and cabinets of the kitchen with a new painting layer. It is good, right?

New paint

#2 – Let’s Add the Accents

Instead of doing it yourself the project, you can add the accessories in order to change the space of the kitchen a bit. Another interior designer – Abbe Fenimore enjoys utilizing the rugs for the purpose of adding the pattern as well as the color for the kitchen. Apart from, the combination of storage containers, dishtowel, with teapots will also create a positive effect. In case you want a natural view in order to increase a happy vibe for your kitchen, a not-bad idea is to add the pots of trees, Jason Grant’s idea – an interior stylist. So great!!!

#3 – It Organizes

Everything will be worse when looking at a messed counter. Is it right? Well, Timothy Brown – an interior designer said that it likely removes all out of the counters if they are unnecessary. With the essential things, it ought to place them on the counters in a tidy way. If possible, let’s spend a little for your stylish kitchen, by investing the drawer dividers or containers, for example. Aside from that, it should hang some pans and pots on the rack, install the hooks to hang the cookware as well as other essentials, and doesn’t forget to create the free space for your cabinet. It is Georgie Hambright and Jenifer Beek (two interior stylists), who give this suggestion.

Add what is necessary

#4 – It Uses the Wallpaper

A large number of the interior designers utilize the wallpaper for the counters. The purpose is to make a back-plash fake. Yes, it can say that this decoration is an interesting one because a permanent mark is no. In fact, there are many designs for you on sites such as Bed Bath, CB2, Beyond, and Etsy, depending on what you like.

#5 – It Swaps out Hardware

Simply, you only need to change the pulls and knobs on the drawers and cabinets yours if you want to adjust a rental kitchen in an easy manner, Trip Heanisch – an interior designer makes known. Don’t forget to remove it before leaving if you do not want to lose the security deposit yours.

#6 – It Adds the Additional Storage

As Haenisch’s suggestion, you are able to spend for a kitchen-rolling island, along with a block surface. On the other hand, according to Hambright and Hunter, you can also add a small hutch or cart. Like that, it allows you to store the small wine bottles, appliances, cookbooks, and knife block. Plus, your counters will also be cleared, so you have more space than. It is so good!

Extra storage

#7 – It Disguises Your Ugly Fridge

With a rental kitchen, you will likely not do anything related to the fridge. Nonetheless, living with that same refrigerator – it is not necessary. A good suggestion for you is to stick or cover the sticker or wallpaper as long as you recognize that they are suitable for your decorated space. We will give another useful recommendation Sticky9 – an interesting site. At here, there is a myriad of the square Instagram photos and you can comfortably cut or stick, depending on your preference. It sounds great!!!

#8 – It Hangs the Artwork

There has a blank wall in your rental kitchen, right? So, you can pick up any art piece in order to decorate this blank. There is what Fenimore suggested. In case it is difficult so that you may give a decision for one preference, it ought to try the technique of the gallery wall. Let’s select the frame with the same type like a mat. Like that, your collection will create a clean look. It lets consider West Elm – its frames are very great. In comparison with mats, they are fitted.

#9 – It Lets Install the Decorative Lighting

Exactly, the dim fluorescent lighting is considered as the bad one in your kitchen. No one wants to cook in the space like that. Then, it is necessary to have an electrician if it must change. Don’t worry! Everything is not too complicated as you imagined. Basically, it ensures the original piece must be hung onto after putting it back when it’s high to leave. You recognize that it is too much, right? Well, let’s try plug-in sconces, lightings operated by the battery, or table lamps. It suggests – Wayfair is an ideal option for you.

Wow! It is certain that your kitchen has become nicer and lighter than ever, right? By applying these mentioned tips, it believes that you will have the desired cooking space as well as an ideal place to having – a warm breakfast with eggs, butter, and bread (toaster oven reviews), a funny lunch with the delicious dishes, or a hearty dinner with soups. It hopes that this article is useful for those who have the need to rent a kitchen and want to change it into more beautiful. Let’s be happy with a new space!

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