These Necessary Cooking Utensils in The Rental Kitchen

The kitchen is the favorite of many area women. And everything would be better if you start cooking dinner with complete necessary appliances. The housewives will face shortages or surpluses necessary utensils. This is a common problem of the majority of sisters. But this situation will change as soon as you finish reading this article. This article will help you recognize the important tools to have in your kitchen.

These necessary cooking utensils

These Cooking Utensils to Pick Up, Move Food

  • The ladle: an indispensable tool, lets you enjoy soups. Besides, a ladle with the curved head will help you hang it on the big soup bowl, to avoid falling to the bottom of the pot.
  • Clamp: You should choose a non-slip handle and serrated clamps to increase adhesion when exposed to food. The ownership of a little clamp will help you save a lot of time to a side facing fries / baked.
  • Shovel: If do not like using clamps, you can use the shovel to a side facing
  • pancakes or fried foods such as fish. Also, the shovel will help you get fried rice dishes, delicious grilled vegetables. Furthermore, a shovel also contributes to getting food more convenient.
  • Spatula: Tools to help you mop up the sauces, cream or powder – the types often take a lot of clean washing. When choosing to buy the spatula, you should select the type made from silicone, high heat resistant, safe to use with hot dishes.
  • Slotted Shovel: A shovel with the slot on the surface are carefully tied to the handle of stainless steel, it will help you get food easier to disk without the hot.
  • The whisk: With a slim the look, the whisk will help you whipped creams, butter, and mix the powder. When choosing to buy the whisk, you should select products with slim, high bounce to achieve the best performance.

These Cooking Utensils Used for Chopping, Preparing Food

  • Chef knife: This is the item most commonly used and versatile. Every kitchen should also own a chef knife. Good chef knives usually have a length ranging from 21 – 25cm. Thanks to the large blade, this knife is a workhorse for you in the kitchen to “chop” the onion, carrots, potatoes, meat, celery, which are very hard to handle if you own a small knife.
  • The pressed garlic tool: You will quickly peel garlic with the help of this instrument.
  • Kitchen scissor: The investment in a good kitchen scissor is a necessary thing to do. It will help you handle some foods faster than when using a knife.
  • The squeezed orange tool: You should choose types of significant enough to squeeze lemon and orange.

The Kitchen Utensils Sets

  • The paring knife: The knife has a small area for cutting, ranging from 9-13 cm, it looks “monotonous” but extremely useful when handling small foods. This makes it easy to manipulate without affecting the inside flesh. Not only that, with medium size hand users can quickly perform multiple tasks such as peeled, chopped herbs, fruits or food, which is tough if you use a big knife ( as chef knife). Good knives are usually made of solid steel, long rolled, a casing is made from non-slip plastic or wood.
  • The mashed potatoes tool: With a particular head design, you can quickly make delicious mashed potato dish without spending a lot of effort and time.
  • The serrated bread knife: If your family usually eat bread in the morning, this is the perfect choice when giving you double slit bread and still retain its original shape. When you cut cakes (especially when cutting into two floors gato), only the serrated bread knife cut straight through and not make breadcrumbs.
  • The peeled potatoes, carrots, mango: For root vegetables, fruits are often difficult to peel with a knife, you can easily handle them by first peeling utensils.

Other Cooking Utensils

  • Can opener: With exclusive design, users will not spend too much effort to open the boxes without opening round. In particular, this will be the convenient tool than manually opening the lid, the lid of the box will not fall.
  • Bottle Opener: 2 uses only one product: Open beer and wine, this is what you should have in your kitchen.

Thermometers: Helping you check the temperature of food, and you will get to know a portion of food is cooked or not. When you choose to buy a thermometer, you should select the type easier to read and can not be broken or rusty (usually stainless steel body). However, with some devices used for cooking as best crock pots, you will feel this is the unnecessary utensil.

  • Measuring cup, measuring spoon: If you are a newcomer to the world cuisine, you should own a measuring cup (dry food and liquids) to know how to quantify accurately.
  • Grinding pepper: Instead of using pre-pepper, which is easy to lose the smell if stored improperly. Therefore, you should own grinding pepper. If possible, you should invest a good grinding pepper, and you can customize the size of pepper from rough to fine grind.

The cutting vegetable

  • Clock: In modern times, we can use the phone, a music player as a clock. And you need the clock to track the time when baking, or cooling food.
  • Colander: A necessary item if you love those dishes like Pasta. Thanks to the stand design, boiled pasta will be hygienic when not in direct contact with the surface of the sink or anywhere.

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