8 Simple Ideas To Decorate The Rental Kitchen

The rental kitchen is an important area in everyday life of every person. We spent a lot of time for eating to relax, restoring energy and create happiness. Therefore, the decoration of the rental kitchen should be concerned and considerations. If you were too bored and tired of your rental kitchen, then nine following ideas will help you renovate it. Sure, you will get a new face for the kitchen in the way of savings.

ideas to decorate the rental kitchen

1. Creating an airy space and suitable light

First, you should replace kitchen lampshade to refresh your rental. This is considered a way of making savings and efficiency. The material of lampshade can be made of plastic, glass or metal. Depending on the available colors of the kitchen, consider the color and quality that you use the lampshade, do not forget to choose carefully because that is the important point contributing to the “soul” of the kitchen.

The backsplash is often at the surface tiles behind the sink or stove. If you use a Backsplash, then your kitchen will be clean, fresh and more strange. You can choose many different materials depending on kitchen space and hobbies such as brick, stone, wood, glass, mirror surface.

2. Choosing these new and unique paint colors

Kitchen cabinets are comfortable old and worn out furniture, so you need to care about this stuff more. Just a new paint color is enough to bring about change and inspiration. Replace a new paint color for the cabinets and admire your achievements. The rental kitchen is often only a little space in your house. Therefore, do not be afraid to use striking colors such as blue, red, yellow, orange to add the special for the rental kitchen. This will inspire your cooking. Although it will cost you time, it is very useful in making the new kitchen as well as your interior. Depending on preference and style oriented, you can choose these appropriate color highlights or downs.

You can design add a rack or a simple hanging bar to hang pots, pans and other tools in the kitchen. Do not forget to prepare these fish hook hangers if you choose this way to improve your kitchen. You can renovations the kitchen table by repainting, paving a new brick layer or only covered with a layer of concrete. This will help the kitchen table be clean and shine more.

preference and style

3. Throw out these redundant items of furniture and replace new appliances

After an extended period of use, the faucet falls into leaked or rusted. Therefore, you may be replaced a new faucet in the kitchen sink. The replacement of these wooden cabinets will help your kitchen be broad and brighter. At the same time, this also makes it easy to find kitchen tools.

Time makes these dining chairs getting old, outdated and shaken. Change them with these stools. You can also use chairs have the same shape, but with different colors to create a major kitchen space.

4. Shall classify and organize everything neatly

Take time to sort and arrange the dishes cookware into the suitable area. The arrangement will help your kitchen be tidy and eye-catching. If you have kitchen tools, but they are useless, you should donate to charity or give to others. The cleaning kitchen tools are the way you should think about first to help your kitchen be tidy, bright and more spacious. Additionally, you can choose a suitable position trash. Why not hide the trash into a kitchen cabinet? It will help you hide the garbage, and make a clean kitchen. You can put two small bins in the locker for easy waste classification.

5. Making portable “kitchen island”

For a small kitchen, there is not enough space to build a kitchen island, and you can fully use portable kitchen island with lightweight materials such as aluminum, wood or mounted wheels for easy moving. This portable kitchen island will give you more space for preparing and cooking. Of course, you will have more seats for the guests at the snack in the kitchen.

portable kitchen island

6. Using appropriate wall space and creating more wall shelves

Wall shelf in a reasonable position to help you minimize the mess in the kitchen. When selecting hanging shelves, please note the size, style, color, number of floors. And when the wall shelves were hung, then you need to make sure that safety position. It does not exist wire or plumbing.

For homemakers, utensils are precious as clothing and jewelry of the beautiful girl. If your cooking utensils are excellent, you should use the holder and be hanging hook-shaped S. This idea is very helpful if you want to take part the wall kitchen efficiently.

7. Using these handles cabinet

These units handle kitchen cabinets are very useful, but they often neglected to use. Let replacement of the kitchen cabinet handles material with stainless steel, aluminum or inox for your kitchen becomes a new and brighter. To create a sense of continuity and cohesion, do not forget to select the similar handles on the colors and materials.

8. Planting treesColors and scents of plants

You should take the time of the weekend to create a garden with a variety of plants in the kitchen. Colors and scents of them bring new wind not only for the kitchen but also for your home. You can plant citronella, mint, perilla or laksa leaves, chili. All of them are very easy to grow crops and have pleasant smelling. Remember to put “garden” in position enough light and watered.

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