Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Local Natives

Friday night a group of us headed over to Fitzgerald's to see one of my favorite bands, Local Natives.

Whenever a friend introduces me to new music, I tend to like it just a little bit more. Art is a wonderful reminder of a person's soul, and when someone shares their favorite song, book, painting, or movie with me, the memory of them is always there when I experience it again. Jeremy was the first to play the otherworldly sounds Local Natives for me, so this concert felt very close to my heart. Plus I was one lucky lady to be going to the show with him. 

Considering the show sold out, of course Fitz was packed to the gills. A sea of boys in plaid shirts and lovely ladies in their cool, spring outfits singing, swaying and toe-tapping the night away.

I have to admit, I did kind of break the vibe when I found the perfect silent moment after their first song to scream at the top of my lungs, "Play Cecilia!". But hey, my friends and I love that song and we wanted to let them know. 

That night, the band's performance brought hundreds of strangers together. Houston sang so loudly and passionately, I thought the rickety roof was going to slowly lift off into space from the beautiful energy that filled the room as we poured our hearts into song. 

If you missed the show, here's a couple minutes I recorded for your little ears 'n eyes. If you'd like to download some of their songs, check them out here


  1. umm I wanted to go to this show so bad but it just wasn't happening. i LOVE them. and fitzgeralds. Incredibly jealous! Glad it was good show!

    1. Thanks Abbey! Hopefully you get to see them next time they roll through. Any chance you're seeing Sigur Ros on April 9th?

      Happy Monday :)

  2. so glad we sang on the stairs together!! <3 GREAT show!


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