Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Breakfast Boats

Everybody sing with me now - "Sail awake....Sail awake...Sail awake..." and check out these delicious breakfast boats I made over the weekend! Just the thing you need to get your Sunday started off right. 

Or any day of the week, really. Sundays at my place were made for tackling two subjects of serious business: 1) rich, hearty breakfasts (usually involving bacon) 2) taking that whole "day of rest" thing to the extreme. I'm talking about lounging around like a total couch potato, catching up on weeknight TV shows, playing videos games, and soaking up every nanosecond of sloth-like behavior before Monday morning rears its ugly head. 

When it comes to accomplishing the lazy part of the day, I'm a pro. Luckily, this week's breakfast was just as easy to knock out. Freshly baked, warm loaves of french bread filled with thick cuts of applewood-smoked bacon, fluffy scrambled eggs and shaved gruyère cheese, dotted with juicy cherry tomatoes and parmesan cheese on top. All the breakfast favorites, baked in a blanket of carbs, sailing straight into your face hole. It kind of looks like pizza too, which is always a plus. 

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This is a fun recipe to play with too. You can substitute your favorite cheeses, add jalapeños for an extra kick, throw in some of that leftover Easter ham sitting in the fridge, whatever floats your boat! Sorry, I had to. 

Makes 2:
2 loaves of French Bread 
6 eggs
¼ cup milk
⅛ cup whipping cream
8 strips bacon
¾ cup gruyère cheese
dozen cherry tomatoes
grated parmesan for topping
salt + pepper

Preheat oven to 400°F

Cook and roughly chop strips of bacon

Cut out the guts of the french bread. Use whatever method you prefer, I pretended like I was hollowing out a canoe. Be careful not to cut through the bottom of the loaf. You don't want your boat to sink, or even worse - eggs leaking out all over the place.

Whisk together eggs, milk and whipping cream. Stir in gruyère cheese and sprinkling of salt and pepper. 

Line baking sheet with parchment paper, place loaves on top. 

Divide egg and cheese mixture equally into your canoes, sprinkle half of your bacon on each, dot with cherry tomatoes. 

Cook for 25 minutes until golden brown and eggs are fluffy and cooked through. 

Cool for few minutes, cut into 2-inch slices and devour.  


  1. I really want to make this, but I can't tell if the bacon is pre-cooked or not...

    1. You should! I threw the bacon in a frying pan for a few minutes, lightly browning it, before putting it in the boat. Figured it would cook a little in the oven, but I didn't want it too crispy either. Happy cooking :)

  2. Did the line "Cook and roughly chop strips of bacon" not help?

  3. Ladies PLEASE! http://goo.gl/wgzd8


  4. So, this looks fabulous. Did you use fully-cooked baguettes, or par-baked? (You're ripping out the guts before-hand so I'm assuming fully cooked, but I'm paranoid about burning...)

  5. I wonder what size of a French bread. It looks like this could be a good one to fix maybe early and come in and heat it up sliced. I am looking for something I can make maybe early in the morning and come in with friends and heat it up easily and have a great snack/meal with little trouble. This is for a group on Saturday morning, so I thought this looked great.

  6. I discovered your (super cute) blog and this recipe from Buzzfeed. I am going to try it for Sunday Funday brunch this weekend. Thanks for the inspiration!


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